Trust Settlement in Colorado

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Trust administration, also known as a trust settlement, can be fairly complex. The person in charge of the trust, called the trustee, has very specific duties and responsibilities that must be completed properly if he or she wants to avoid liability. If you have questions regarding how to properly administer a trust in Colorado, you have come to the right place.

Guidance for Trustees

Knowing what to do as Trustee is critical. Our Northglenn-based lawyer can help you through all of the steps in trust administration, including:

  • Valuing assets
  • Ensuring the trust was properly funded
  • Deciding whether a probate is needed
  • Resolving issues with creditors
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Transferring assets to beneficiaries
  • Obtaining proper receipt and release forms

If all of the steps are not followed correctly, liability for any mistakes could fall on the trustee. Do not let that happen to you. Reach out to an experienced Colorado attorney for advice today.

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