PR Deeds in Colorado

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Many individuals run into problems when trying to sell property after someone has passed away. Title companies will not allow a proper transfer of any real estate from an estate without a Personal Representative’s deed that has been drafted by an attorney. This document, along with proof of the PR’s authority, is the only way to correctly transfer legal title to a home from a deceased person’s estate.

What Is a Personal Representative’s Deed?

A Personal Representative’s deed, or PR deed, is a tool used to transfer title of real estate out of an estate. It is very similar to a quitclaim deed, only the person transferring the ownership of the property is the executor of an estate instead of the actual owner. A PR deed is a very specific legal document that should be drafted by an experienced probate attorney. Any mistakes in the drafting can come back to haunt the executor and make the transfer of the property fail.

Personal Representative’s Deeds Take Time – Start Acting Today

All too often, people realize the need for a Personal Representative’s deed too late. This is not a document that can be or should be drafted on short notice. There is a lot of research that needs to go into drafting this document properly, including finding the correct legal description and even making sure there are no current liens on the home.

Having a PR deed is a critical step in estate administration, but it is only one step of many. If you need further guidance, please to do not hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable attorney today.

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