Guardianship and Conservatorship in Colorado

When a loved one begins to lose the ability to care for themselves, it is important to ensure their safety is taken care of. A guardianship or conservatorship may be necessary to protect their best interests. Whether a financial institution or medical provider is requiring that a guardian or conservator be appointed, or you are simply wanting more information, Althaus Law can help you through the legal steps.

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Helping You With Your Loved One’s Guardianship

Whether your loved one has unexpectedly become incapacitated or you need to help a family member with special needs, Althaus Law can help. We are skilled at creating guardianships that allow the right people to protect the needs of your loved ones. A properly drafted guardianship will allow the guardian to:

  • Manage finances if a conservatorship is not necessary
  • Make decisions regarding living quarters
  • Make critical healthcare decisions

Guardianships are different from powers of attorney, in that guardianships involve having the court appoint an individual over the ward and POAs are documents drafted prior to incapacity. If you have questions regarding the differences between the two, don’t hesitate to consult with our skilled guardianship lawyer in Thornton.

Guidance Through the Conservatorship Process

A conservator is the counter-part to a guardian. In a conservatorship, an individual is appointed by the court to manage an individual’s finances. This means that the protected person will no longer be able to access their own bank accounts or make their own financial decisions without approval of their conservator. This is obviously a very extreme measure and an experienced lawyer should be consulted before moving forward.

Feel free to read more about the guardianship and conservatorship court process here.

Get Your Guardianship and Conservatorship Questions Answered

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