Plan Ahead and Choose a Guardian for Your Children

No parent wants to imagine not being able to care for their children should the unexpected happen, but all parents should plan for it. At Althaus law, we plan in order to protect your children’s future, so you can sleep easy knowing they will be safe and secure, no matter what should happen.

Choosing a Guardian Now Can Eliminate Foster Care in Colorado

When you designate a guardian for your children, either in your will or through other estate planning documents, you are helping to ensure that your children’s futures are safeguarded. If the unexpected should happen to you and/or your spouse, making sure that someone is named to step in as a parent is critical. Should you not decide this very important decision, it will be up to a judge who has never met you or your family before to decide who takes care of your children. This could very well mean foster care.

By designating your guardian now, you can prevent foster care from being on the table. Attorney Jeff Althaus can guide you through the process and help you to choose the best person or set of people for the job. While we all hope that nothing should happen to us before our children grow up, accidents still occur on a daily basis. Being prepared is the best route to take for your children’s future.

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