Changing a Will After a Divorce in Colorado

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Do I need a new will now that I am divorced? What do I do with my trust after divorce? Is my ex-spouse still entitled to my things? If these are questions you are asking yourself following your divorce in the Thornton and Colorado Springs areas, speaking with a skilled lawyer can help.

Divorce Changes Your Plan. Change It The Way You Want.

The first main step that needs to be taken regarding your plan after divorce is to update your will. If you have a trust, we need to make changes to that as well. Often, the best option is to shred the old plan and start from scratch. However, there could be multiple options and our team at Althaus Law will run you through all of them. Not only can we guide you through the process of removing an ex-spouse from your will or trust, but we can navigate you through the unsteady waters of planning where your assets should go now that you have a new life ahead of you.

If children are involved, we make sure their best interests are always protected as far as your plan is concerned. We can discuss different guardians, different inheritance paths, and answer all of your questions regarding protecting their future as well as your own. You can trust our experienced guidance to lead you down the right path.

How Does a Divorce Affect My Retirement Account and Other Documents?

If you added your spouse as a beneficiary on your retirement accounts, life insurance or bank accounts, that ex-spouse could still have the potential to receive those assets on your death. In order to make sure that your assets go where you intend, you should speak with a wills and trust lawyer today. At Althaus Law, we can help to ensure that no stone goes unturned. We we analyze all of your assets to make a plan that accomplishes all of your goals post divorce.

After a divorce, you will need to remove your ex-spouse from your medical power of attorney as well as your financial power of attorney. If you do not, then they could still be making end-of-life decisions for you and even accessing your bank accounts.

Colorado law automatically removes certain designations to an ex-spouse in your will, but it does not remove everything. Having a lawyer with estate planning experience is critical to ensure your property is protected and goes where you want.

Want Your Ex-Spouse Out of Your Will?

Contact our law firm to schedule a planning session with a lawyer who will help you decide what actions need to be taken to protect your assets and your children. You can rely on us to lay out all of your options.