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At Althaus Law, we strive to be a resource to the community. While our knowledge and passion is focused on wills, trust, probate and estate planning matters, we do our best to to point you in the right direction regardless of your questions.

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If you like to do a little more research on certain estate or probate topics prior to discussing your situation with an attorney, you’ve come to the right place. We have all kinds of articles, blog posts, and other writings on numerous topics. Feel free to check them all out here.

Would You Rather Learn Through Explanatory Videos?

We understand that short, easy-to-understand videos may be more your style. That’s why our lawyers have compiled multiple YouTube series for common questions we are asked all the time! You can check out all of those videos right here.

Still Need More? We’ve Got You Covered!

If you are the type that would prefer a nice book to cuddle up with by the fire, we’ve got just the content for you. You can check out Attorney Jeff Althaus’ best selling book called You Only Die Once. It’s a an easy-to-understand explanation of everything estate planning and probate. Want to the know the difference between wills and trusts? Do you have questions on the probate process or what happens after you pass in Colorado?

The answers are all in You Only Die Once.

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