Many people ask me why they would need a living will. First, the answer starts with an understanding of what that document actually is. It is not a will at all, it is actually a health care directive that allows you to choose how you would like to be treated in an end-of-life situation. Basically, they are known in the estate planning world as the “pull-the-plug” document.

Second, these documents are important because they take the decision out of the hands of everyone else in the world and allow you to decide how you want to be treated in the end.

But Why Do I Care What Happens to Me?

I explain to many of my clients that these documents aren’t necessarily just for you. They are for your family. Deciding whether to maintain life support for a loved one is a very stressful decision that could haunt someone for the rest of their lives and cause families to split up. If you simply decide beforehand with an advance health care directive, you take that stress away from your family and prevent future fights from ever occurring .

Further, if you have very strong beliefs on how you would like to be treated during the final moments of your life, this document allows you to do that.

Either way you look at it, a living will is a very important estate planning document to have in your arsenal.

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