What is a Health Care Power of Attorney?

A Medical or Health Care Power of Attorney is a document which allows you, while you have capacity, to designate who you would like to make your medical decisions for you in the event you can no longer make them for yourself.

Why Do I Need One?

Medical Powers of Attorney are critical- if you should need it, and don’t have it, your loved ones may be dragged into a Guardianship hearing to get someone appointed to make these decisions for you. Some may think they can rely on the Colorado Medical Proxy Statute to protect themselves. This is fine and dandy if you are married and your spouse has the ability to make these decisions, or you aren’t married, but you only have one child and you trust that child to make these decisions for you.

However, should you not fit that cookie cutter mold, you are setting the stage for fighting amongst your loved ones over which course of treatment to take or not take and leaving yourself vulnerable to an emergency Guardianship hearing to get someone appointed.

An Ounce of Prevention…

There’s a steep price tag to these hearings and appointments: thousands of dollars. Simply put, Medical Powers of Attorney are a far better alternative to a Guardianship appointment – don’t leave it to chance.


Don’t leave it to chance.

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