What Does An Estate Plan Do For My Children?

Many people assume that if something happened to them, a close relative or trusted friend would be able to care for their children. This is a dangerous misconception. If a child’s parents pass away in Colorado with no estate plan, it is up to the court to decide who cares for that child. In a complete estate plan, there are many documents that come together to ensure the safety of your children. There are also many ways that an estate plan can protect your kids, including:

  • Ensuring that they will inherit your belongings
  • Protecting them from their creditors should any exist
  • Protecting them from themselves if money problems or other issues arise
  • Stopping foster care by allowing you to designate a guardian
  • Ensuring siblings do not fight among each other if something happens to you

These are just a few things an estate plan can do. A will, combined with powers of attorney, a living will and protective trusts can make your options for safety and peace of mind limitless.

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Protect Your Children By Getting An Estate Plan

Safety and long-lasting protection are the cornerstone of any family. Providing for your children in case something happens to you is critical. Our lawyers understand this and can help you craft an estate plan that not only makes sure your family is protected for the long run, but that your assets are safeguarded as well.

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