Are you looking to pass a meaningful legacy on to your children? Drafting a will is a great way to accomplish that goal and get the peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will be properly carried out. Don’t stress about the huge variety of conflicting information on the internet, we can guide you through the process to make sure you get the documents you need.

Rest easy knowing your plans are in order. Talk to our attorneys in the Northglenn and Thornton areas to draft your will today! You can also call us at 720-547-2319 to get on the calendar.

Advantages to Having a Good Will

There are many advantages to having a properly prepared will, including:

  • You decide where your things go, not the state
  • Children can be protected by naming guardians for them
  • You get to name who is in charge, rather than having a judge decide

Many people ask us if drafting a will through an online document company is recommended. We understand we are biased, but our answer is definitely no. These companies can’t send you legally binding documents, they cannot properly fund your trust, and you don’t get advice from an attorney who focuses on estate planning in Colorado.

Does a Will Avoid Court and Probate?

No! This is a common misconception. Just because you have a will does not mean you will keep your family out of court. There are many tools and tricks of the trade used to keep everyone out of probate, but you need a lawyer to make sure this happens. One strategy is to have a trust. If you have questions about either, our team can help.

Need to Draft a Will? Call Our Thornton Area Lawyers Today!

Completing a will with our team is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Schedule and attend a free-initial consultation

Step 2: participate in a planning meeting to hammer out the details

Step 3: Sign your documents. Now you have successfully protected your family while leaving a meaningful legacy!