What is a trust anyway? A trust is a stack of papers that lets you say where you want your stuff to go when you pass. These documents can help you protect your family, avoid court and probate, and let you name who is in charge if something should happen to you.

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How Can a Trust Help Me?

Trusts can help in a variety of ways. First, they can help you to keep your family out of court. Second, they can simplify everything when you are gone so your things get where you want them to go quickly and easily. Finally, you can create rules for distributions that let you control how and when your beneficiaries will inherit.

If you don’t have a plan when you pass, things can end up going through months of court, cost thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees, and end up causing fights between family members. We can help you put a plan in place to stop all of that from happening.

When Do I Need a Trust?

There are three main times that we recommend having a trust as compared to a will, but these are not the only times a trust can help:

  1. If you own property in multiple states
  2. If you have complex family situations or minor children
  3. If are over the estate tax exemption amount (this number changes but is many millions of dollars)

There is no set amount of money that determines when you need a trust. We have drafted trusts for people with more debt than assets, and we have drafted trusts in Colorado for people with very large estates.

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