Do you wonder how long you would be kept on life support if you were in a coma? Have you ever thought about who makes that decision and what goes into the process? It turns out, you can be the one to make that decision so your family doesn’t have to.

The answers to these questions come with a living will. If you have questions or are ready to put a living will in place, reach out to our Northglenn lawyers online, or call us at 720-547-2319. We can guide you through the entire process.

What is a Living Will in Colorado?

Many people think a living will is a type of actual will where you say where you want things to go after you pass. This is not true, but it is confusing considering the name. A living will (also known as an advanced directive for medical or surgical treatment) is a document that lets you say whether or not you would like to be on life support if you are in a vegetative state or other type of terminal condition where you no longer have brain capacity.

Our Northglenn/Thornton team understands this is not a fun topic to discuss, but think of how hard this decision would be to make if left to your children or other family members. Instead of leaving that stress on them, create a living will so you can decide how you want to be treated while you still have capacity to do so.

The Conversation May Seem Hard, But Talking With Us Is Easy!

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