Stop court, protect your assets, and make sure you name who is in charge. That’s what you can do with a financial power of attorney (FPOA) in Colorado. A durable power of attorney is very important because it protects you in case you are ever incapacitated.

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What Type of Power of Attorney Do I Need?

Powers of attorney let you name someone to act for you if you lose capacity. There are a multiple types of powers of attorney that you can have. A few definitions are below:

  • Durable POA: a durable power of attorney is one that lasts even after you become incapacitated.
  • Springing POA: a springing power of attorney lets you say that your agent can’t act for you until you are incapacitated.
  • Immediate POA: an immediate power of attorney lets your agent act for you now and after you become incapacitated.

In addition to the above, you can have medical POA or a financial POA. Whatever your need, our lawyers can help.

Incapacity or Death?

The point of a power of attorney is to plan for a coma, heart attack, car accident, or other event that makes it so you cannot make your own decisions. This means the main goal is to protect your assets in case of incapacity. However, if you pass away, this document is no longer good for you. That is why you need a full estate plan to cover you when you are alive and when you are gone.

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