What is a Medical Power of Attorney?

A medical power of attorney allows you to decide who should make your medical decisions if you ever cannot make them for yourself. This person will be responsible for things like determining between procedure A, surgery B, or no treatment, determining if long-term care or hospice are ever needed.

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What Happens if I Do not Have a Medical Power of Attorney in Place?

Without a medical power of attorney, the Colorado Medical Proxy Statute has default rules in place for who can make your medical decisions. However, if you don’t have a traditional family or family disputes arise as to what care should be performed, a court hearing known as a guardianship hearing may take place for the judge to appoint someone to make these decisions.

Any court hearing costs thousands of dollars and there is always the risk the judge may appoint someone you would not have wanted to make your medical decisions or even hire an attorney to make them for you. The same thing can happen without a financial power of attorney as well.

How Do I Get the Medical Power of Attorney in Place?

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