What is a Living Will?

A living will, also known as an advanced directive, makes sure your wishes are followed if two doctors ever say you have no brain capacity, you do not know you are alive, and cannot communicate your decisions and never will again.

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What Happens if I Do not Have a Living Will?

If ever there is a document that you need and don’t have that will cause the worst fights, it is this one. Emotions are extra high when a loved one is in this terrible condition. This decision leaves the decision-maker filled with guilt and can cause irreparable rifts in the family when family members disagree on how many days to keep you on life support. Be sure your wishes are followed.

Our team can help you keep your family together even after you have passed.

How Do I Set Up a Living Will?

Rest easy knowing this difficult decision will never be in your family’s hands by getting your living will in place. Our Colorado Springs attorneys can guide you through the difficult decisions and help keep your family intact. Contact us at 719-249-2785 to set up a time to sit down with an attorney and talk about this very difficult, but important, decision.