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At Althaus Law Colorado Springs, we walk our clients who have lost a loved one through the convoluted legal probate process. The loss of a loved one results in a rocky and emotional time in our clients’ lives. We stand strong and provide warmth, empathy, and caring while guiding our clients through the legal formalities of probate.

Our work with probate clients gives us insight directly into the pitfalls of passing without a plan, or with a “bad” plan. We witness first hand the questions our clients don’t have answers to, have to tell clients to check the mail to find out what assets and debts their loved one had, and the family members involved have a hard time moving through the grieving process because of all the legal steps in their way. We take this knowledge we’ve gained from witnessing our probate clients’ heartache to craft estate plans that keep your family and loved ones out of court. A good, strong plan can (and should) avoid probate and unnecessary heartache.

We will help you determine whether you need a probate for your loved one, and can walk beside you through the legal process if you do. If you are ready to put a will, trust, powers of attorney, and living wills in place, we are here for you. Give us a call today at 720-547-2319 or book online to learn more in a free consultation with Cristyn Kelly.

Estate Planning in Colorado Springs

We start every meeting by asking about your goals and concerns. Your goals and concerns are the most important piece of estate planning. Many clients come in concerned about what happens to their children if they pass away or whether there will be tax consequences for those who inherit. Our plans answer these very important questions, and many more, including:

  • How do I avoid probate?
  • Can I leave money to someone outside of my family?
  • Do my kids get to inherit my home if my spouse and I have both passed?
  • Is it possible to give my jewelry or other treasured personal property to someone specific?

A bad estate plan or lack of estate plan can draw your family into different sides of the courtroom. The cost of not having a plan when you pass could be your family’s holiday dinners. It is our goal for every client to stay out of court and keep your family in tact.

Helping You Through the Loss of a Loved One

The loss of a loved one is filled with heartache and the legal burdens that come with it can make the heartache worse. We understand the pain you are going through and will walk beside you to get through the probate process as quickly as possible. As with our estate planning clients, we work with you and the other family members to minimize possible fights within the family or third parties. We are here for you.

Meet with an Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer in Colorado Springs

Whether you are a parent wanting to be sure your kids are taken care of, a young professional, or you have grandchildren to think of, we can help you plan for a secure future. Contact our estate planning services law firm in the Colorado Springs area to learn more.