Taking care of the business and the environment is what we do at Althaus Law. Colorado has so much gorgeous land to appreciate, and we want to make sure it is there for many generations to come. That way, your grandchildren, and eventually their grandchildren, can benefit from not only your estate plan, but also your choice to go with a green law firm.

To learn more about our green initiatives, or discuss your options for wills, trusts and other estate planning techniques in the Thornton and Colorado Springs areas, contact Althaus Law today.

A Green Colorado Law Firm − Smart and Eco-Friendly Estate Planning

Sharing office space with our friends at North Metro Brokers allowed us to not have to construct a new building. We cut no trees, and destroyed no sweet little prairie dogs. We also utilize the latest technology to offer you access to all of your estate planning files in the cloud, meaning that you can access your documents from anywhere without using any paper, and it is completely secure.

While we have to print certain documents for people, unless our clients specifically request that we print more for their records, we do everything in our power to reduce paper usage. Much of what we do can be stored online, thus eliminating paper use and reducing waste. Bettering the community is what we are all about.

Always on the Lookout to Partner With Green Companies

At Althaus Law, we are constantly seeking out new partnerships that help us stay green and become greener. If you know of ways we could make the world a better place, give us a shout. We would love to hear from you.

Attorney Cristyn Kelly

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Based in Thornton, we pride ourselves in being a green and eco-friendly law firm. Contact Althaus Law today to learn how green estate planning can help future generations.