How To Put A Will In Place

Putting a will in place can be an easy process if you get the right help. At Althaus Law, we make everything as easy as possible for you so you can worry about other parts of your life. From deciding where you want your things to go, all the way down to who you want in charge if an emergency happens, you can rely on Attorney Jeff Althaus for all of your will and estate planning needs.

The easiest thing to do when you have questions about getting a will is to give our Northglenn/Thornton office a call. You can reach us at 720-547-2319 or you can fill out a contact form online. We understand that you may not be 100 percent ready to start the process, and that is why we offer a free initial consultation to answer any questions.

What Does A Will Do For Me?

A will can do a lot if it is written correctly. If done improperly, it can lead to fights and disaster.

A properly drafted will helps you secure your hard-earned assets for your family and lets you appoint an individual who will be running the show after you are gone. If you are a parent with minor children, it also allows you to name a guardian to protect them if an unexpected emergency should arise.

Are There Other Important Documents I Should Be Thinking Of?

Yes! There are all sorts of important documents that combine with a will to make up an entire estate plan. These documents include:

A will protects your things and your family after you are gone. All of the above documents help the will do its job correctly, but can also protect you while you are still alive. We can cover all of these documents in your no-charge initial consult, and make sure all of your other questions are answered as well.

Get Your Will Started Today in the Northglenn and Thornton Areas

Ready to get the ball rolling? So are we. Give us a call at 720-547-2319 or contact our Northglenn law firm online to learn more about getting your will drafted today.