S-Town Explained: How A Will Saves Your Estate When ‘S’ Hits The Fan. *Spoilers Ahead*

Would a will have helped in S-Town? YES! A will definitely would have made things a lot better for the people John B. McLemore left behind. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be explaining the different legal aspects of what happened toward the end of S-Town, and how most of it could have […]

Do I Need A Trust? – The Battle Of Wills Versus Trusts In Colorado

What If I Told You Everything You Have Heard About Trusts Is A Lie? Many people think that in order to have a solid estate plan where they can avoid probate and protect themselves from creditors, they have to have a trust. They have been told by their parents, friends, family, and sometimes by attorneys that […]

Medicaid Planning Facts You Didn’t Know About

Althaus Law Family Estate Planning

Do Trusts Have Disadvantages? YES! With the recent changes in estate planning and probate laws in Colorado, Medicaid planning is not as easy as it once was and will-based plans are becoming more and more popular over trust-based plans. I have taken the time here to list some of the benefits of a will-based plan, […]