Estate Planning

If you are one of those individuals who hears “estate planning” and immediately thinks about rich people, you are not alone. Unfortunately, the myth that only the wealthy need a plan has permeated our society for decades. The truth of the matter is that everyone can benefit from an estate plan. Why Do I Need An […]

Estate Planning for Young Couples

Young Couples and Estate Planning in Colorado All too often younger couples and families put off estate planning because they falsely believe they do not need it. Maybe you believe it is an expense that can wait or that is just altogether unnecessary. This could not be farther from truth. There are many essential benefits […]

What is portability? Simply put, it means that now spouses can pass their estate and gift tax exemption to each other when the first one passes. In 2014, the federal estate tax exemption is $5,340,000. That’s a lot tax-free exemption to pass to your spouse. So what exactly does portability mean when referring to estate planning […]