Changing a Will After a Divorce in Colorado

What do I do with my estate plan after a divorce? Is my ex-spouse still entitled to my stuff? If these are questions you are asking yourself following your divorce in the Thornton area, speaking with a skilled lawyer can help.

At Althaus Law, we can help you get your estate plan in order after your divorce. Learn more about how we can straighten out your estate planning documents in a free initial consultation.

How Does a Divorce Affect My Estate Plan?

After a divorce, you will most likely want to remove your ex-spouse from your medical power of attorney as well as your financial power of attorney. If you added him or her as a beneficiary on your retirement accounts, life insurance or bank accounts, you will probably want to change those beneficiaries around as well.

Colorado law automatically removes certain designations to an ex-spouse in your will, but it does not remove everything. Having a lawyer with estate planning experience is critical to ensure your property is protected and goes where you want.

Want Your Ex Out of Your Will?

Contact our law firm to schedule a planning session with a lawyer who will help you decide what actions need to be taken to protect your assets and your children. You can rely on us to lay out all of your options.